Friday, March 24, 2017

8 Shooters Clue 3: Single Shots

Another quick one tonight. Its just before midnight, I am just home from work, and my daughter's big formal wedding reception is tomorrow and I am coming down with my son's strep throat/influenza or something type bug. So I need to get to bed for my HUGE day tomorrow. I'll fill you in more about that on another day, and I'll share photos of me in a formal gown. I am pretty sure that will never happen again, but one should never say never, huh?

Before I give you the clue I am going to beg something of you. PLEASE SHARE photos in our little Facebook group or at the least please comment on this blog 1) If you are participating and 2) How far along you are. When a designer spends so much time preparing a project/ mystery, then a bit of feedback is very very much appreciated! I know some of you have left feed back, but only 3 people and surely more than 3 people are joining along. Besides, I need to know how far along you guys are to judge when to release future clues. Hand piecing mysteries are so different than machine because the pace is so much slower, so please comment or show pics in the group, thank you!
(and if you really love me then share pics in other groups too!!).

Ok so Clue 3:


Clue 3 is almost identical to clue 2. You are going to use 8 matching medallions. You will cut four one way and make four matching stars using the small diamonds:

(excuse my dark photo, my son is sleeping nearby)

Then, also using small diamonds, you will cut up 32 matching pieces from the other four medallions only this time DO NOT PIECE THEM TOGETHER. Leave them as "Single Shots".

Since you don't have as much piecing this week, I'll see you in 7 days!


  1. AHH! i used the wrong size diamonds for clue 2-melt down time-all my beautiful cutting and sewing is the wrong size!!!huge scream! and head hung in shame-and I have to fight that stupid printer again AHHHH!

    1. OH NO!! you used the large instead of the small?
      Well turn them into some placemats or something at least!