Friday, March 31, 2017

8 Shooters Clue 4: A bit of background

Before we begin today's post it is important that you remember which of your 8 shooters is which. If you will remember we did 3 different sets, so label them as such.

Set one had a single 8 shooter and four sets of 6 point uncompleted stars. Label these as Shooter Set One.

Set two had four matching 8 shooters as well as double shots.
Label these as Shooters set 2:

Set 3 had four 8 Shooter Stars and some single shots.
Label these as 8 shooter set THREE:

And now with these all labeled properly, we can begin working on some back ground.
Before you cut your background, click on that 8 Shooters page and make sure that you have all your back ground pieces labeled properly as well, or you WILL get them confused. It is very important that you follow the fabric requirements and label them as such.

Today we will work on basting your SOLID MAIN BACKGROUND pieces.
For me, my solid main was black.
You will use this background for:
ALL of your giant triangles (36 all together).
32 of your small triangles (NOT all of them).
and 20 of your squares. (NOT all of them).

Use your favorite method to baste these pieces and I'll see you in a week. 
(It looks like a Jack-o-lantern face). 

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