Tuesday, March 7, 2017

8 Shooters Clue One

NOTE about my colorful paper pieces BEFORE WE BEGIN:
I am so sad. Like broken hearted.
One of you commented about my colorful paper pieces and asked if the color dye would come off onto fabric. Well, I didn't think a thing about it because I don't get my quilts wet before I remove the papers. At least barely if at all.
But, then I thought about those of you that use school glue sticks (as opposed to quilters glue sticks) and I started worrying because I know that kind of glue has to be well moistened to remove the papers. And SIGH OF ALL SIGHS.
The dye WILL come off if it gets soaked. Oh I am so so sad.
This means my beautiful paper pieces will just have to be plain ol white paper just like everyone else paper pieces. I am so not happy about this.
Any ideas, pray please tell.
And to the one who pointed out the dye issue, thanks. I am glad you did before someone ruined a quilt with them.
But for me... its a sad day.
I'll have to re price them all and refund those of you with color pieces to be the same as the ones with white pieces. I am not sure of the prices yet as I've not priced out the paper. But the good news is, you will be super pleased I am sure. Plain ol white paper is less expensive than colored paper, so there is that.


Well lets quit jawin' around and get on with the mystery.
You in?!

Do you know your guns?
Well an 8 Shooter is a gun that holds 8 rounds of ammo.
Like those ones ^^ up yonder.
I really don't know a rootin tootin thing about no guns.
Not my thing.
But I do know about 8 shooters in the quilting world.

Are you ready to make some?

As normal for me with our mysteries, we are going to begin with our focal fabric.
It is easiest to get the fussy cutting out of the way, and work our way to the other fabrics.
There is one exception this time around. We won't be working with our Coordinating matching A/B C/D  fussy cuts for awhile.
If you are not fussy cutting, then just cut everything out of your focal fabric using just the seam allowance that you need.
If you are fussy cutting the panel fabric, follow carefully to get the best use out of the panels.
This time we won't be using all the tiny medallions along the edges, but in a few months, I'll share a project that you can use these for. (Just be sure to save your paper pieces from this project to use again on a later project! )


Pick your favorite medallion.
You need to actually use four repeats of the same medallion for this first clue.
 (If you don't have 4 matching medallions, at the end of this post I'll share alternative suggestions. )  

We will begin with our small diamonds. Remember, I won't state the size right here. But you should know which are the small ones by looking at your 8 Shooters Mystery PDF.
Using your small diamond paper pieces, make 8 diamonds exactly the same from one of your fabric medallions.
When I am choosing placement, I just have to be careful to leave enough seam allowance when cutting them out.

Also when cutting, I begin by cutting out these little triangle sections. They are good little itty bitty fussy cuts that can be used in a later quilt.
(I no longer have a fabric shop so frugal is the name of my game. )

After you have cut out 8 matching diamonds, then choose a DIFFERENT spot on your other three medallions to make 24 matching diamond fussy cut sections.
I used the same medallion, I just chose a different spot for my paper placement for the 24.
Hold on you'll understand if you keep reading.

(If you are using different medallions and cannot get 24 matching pieces see below.)

From your 8 matching diamonds,
stitch together your very first 8 shooter.
Make it a good one.
It's your bulls eye. Yep, this little diamond is the very center of your quilt.

Then from your 24 other diamonds we are going to make these partial stars with 6 pieces each.
So you will make 4 of them.
(Doing the math that will use up all 24 of your pieces. )

Aren't they pretty?

If you do NOT have 4 matching medallions then divide up the medallions as above. Either make two of the six sided partial stars the same, and then another two the same, OR make 4 different 6 sided sections. This will look fine too. Just please try to make 6 sided sections in some way or another with your fussy cuts.
Again if you are not fussy cutting then just use your focal fabric to cut all 24 pieces the same and sew them as shown above!

Get those guns a' smokin' and I'll see you next Wednesday.
(Yes I know some of you will be ready for the next clue by tomorrow but remember to be patient for those hand cutting their pieces and sew basting as well. )


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  1. Hey, I am so, so sorry I busted your bubble with my question. I really do think that the colored papers are quite pretty. Maybe we can find another type of paper that can be used. God Bless