Wednesday, March 1, 2017

8 Shooters Post One: The Stuff

I am so ready to begin this mystery. This is the prettiest one yet, and so different than anything I've seen in the EPP world lately, yet they are pieces and patterns quite common in the EPP world. I just chose a "different" sort of setting. But don't be scared. It's nothing wild like the table runner we just completed.

This quilt completes at 51" but that is minus borders, add in some nice borders and you'd have a wonderful throw quilt of an awesome size. My kids are already fighting over the one I am making. I'm undecided if I'll keep it for a display quilt for shows (as if) or give it to one of the kids for Christmas. (probably a better decision for now).

There have been a couple of issues on my website lately, and I am not sure why. And they are not happening every time.
First of all, several have said they are not getting the links to the files.
THE LINK IS ALWAYS IN THE CONFIRMATION EMAIL. You just need to read the email to find it.

Second, occasionally the links to pdf downloads don't work. (UPDATE: THE 8 SHOOTER FILE IS WORKING JUST FINE FOR FOLKS).  I am not sure why this is happening, and have emailed the web host company to see why. Today's 8 Shooter link has just been uploaded and untested so hopefully it will work. If the link IN YOUR CONFIRMATION EMAIL doesn't work, let me know and I'll email it to you as fast as I can. For the next couple of days I am off work so it will arrive faster than if I am at work, gone for 11 hours at a time usually.

Third, I've been told that upon checkout there are two PayPal links and one doesn't work.(UPDATE: THE NON PRETTY PAYPAL LINK IS THE ONE THAT WORKS).  If the one you choose doesn't work, then try the other one. I've emailed the company concerning this problem as well. I use a web host company called Big Commerce and pay a pretty penny for it so I am sure these issues will be fixed later today and I'll be able to edit this post !

Moving on, let's get our gun belt strapped on!

(Don't you love our 8 Shooters logo chick? She looks like a gun totin' quilter doesn't she? )

The PDF is available RIGHT HERE.

And the Papers are available RIGHT HERE.
Please be sure to read the description about the papers. The reason for the price, etc is explained on the description.


We will be working through this mystery slowly. No rushing in the EPP world. Those of you that purchase precut papers and use a glue pen please keep in mind that many cut their own papers and sew baste. So we need to go slow enough to allow them time to prepare their pieces.

TO THOSE CUTTING THEIR OWN PAPERS: START with the smaller diamonds. Again, sizes will not be stated on my blog, as a person will need to purchase the PDF to get the sizes. But you will note two sizes of diamonds, and you will be using the smaller size diamonds first, so start there. (Page 3 of the pdf).

TO EVERYONE: While I would love to begin on Sunday, we have to allow time for those that are purchasing their papers. So, let's begin next Wednesday, March 8th with the first clue.

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  1. I never liked Hexies... they struck me as... Boring. You, my lil HillBilly friend are a Creative GENIUS - you made a believer of me! O adore your art & I'm all in. PLEASE - i WANT TO order your '265 Ahhhhs' when ready on your end. Send email to come get em with ALERT in the topic line. Many Thanx from Liz in Las Vegas