Tuesday, March 28, 2017

A Tutorial Request

I received a message on Facebook asking how to stitch up one of the hexagon designs. Now as most of you know, I've sort of let them fall by the wayside, given that they are promoted so heavily by you know who. But I am always willing to help anyone, so here is a quick little post on how to stitch Y seams using the English Paper Piecing method.

Of course EPP is by far the easiest method for sewing tricky seams (although some would argue that Foundation Paper Piecing is the easiest method...and, yes, I agree I do like that method as well. But not for all patterns).

The lady that messaged is going to make the hexagons into jar grabbers. I tried to google a pattern for them but came up empty handed. I would assume you just layer as normal and add some of this stuff to the back before you sew the layers together:

Begin just like any other EPP project, baste. If you don't know how to baste, you can find glue basting or sew basting videos on YouTube. I have some glue basting videos out there. 

Once you baste you are just going to attach one half hexagon to the hexagon, sewing right up until you have nothing left to stitch. (Note the red arrow. I stopped and knotted my stitching there.)

Next you are just going to bring in the next piece and sew the directions of the blue arrows. Make sure to knot the beginning and end of each intersection. 

Once you have one direction pieced, yes you have this little y seam gab to sew. It's not a problem at all! 

Just crease that paper and sew along! 

Continue all the way around, crease the paper, sew, repeat.
Again, knotting each intersection. 

This took me less than an hour while sitting and chatting with my next door neighbor.
Easiest method ever for pesky Y seams. 

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