Thursday, March 2, 2017

Hillbilly makes a Colorful EPP Splash!


I packaged my own paper pieces cut with my own machine using the papers I wanted. All by my little fluffy self.

You see, we quilters love COLOR. Am I right? I mean if you didn't like color then your quilts would all be black and white. And while black and white quilts are cool... black and white quilts with a splash of color are even more cool.

So, when I decided to start cutting my own papers, I decided that they had to be colorful.

 I've been collecting paper to get ready for it.

This is my cardstock paper rainbow. 

While I am still not ready to begin mass producing paper pieces, (it might never be my thing. There is a company for that. ) I am super excited that my pattern packs will be pretty and fun to sew up.
I know its silly. One can just as easy use white for templates. But, these have that added Hillbilly Flair!
Each pattern pack will be different colors. I base it on how many pieces of paper I need for the order, and how many of each color that I have on hand.  It will just vary with each person depending on current stock.
Think of it this way: A mystery of rainbow of EPP color arriving to your mailbox.

I have decided that anyone that purchases the paper pack for the 8 Shooters Mystery gets the PDF for free. While I originally marked the price down to compensate for having to purchase the PDF I decided that there is no reason for someone purchasing the papers to need to purchase the PDF. You will know what size they are when they arrive in your mail box.
But I will still send the pdf to you for free after you purchase the papers.
Just give me some hours in case I am at work.

Here is what the first pack going out for this mystery looked like:

Guess what I am going to go do? Go stitch on my mystery using some pretty pieces of paper.
Cuz I like color.
Just $49.99 folks for almost 800 pieces.
The equivalent of 18 quilt blocks that are 12" each.
And a $6.99 PDF included.
Not bad. Not bad at all.
(find it here.)


  1. Congratulations Tonya :-)

    I love it!

    ~ Rosalind D.

  2. Are we sure that the dye from the paper won't bleed onto the fabric? I have never used colored papers and just want to make sure. Thanks

  3. What a great idea. Love rainbow colours!