Thursday, March 30, 2017

The website: what to do?

Yesterday's post (about the disability) was important so that you would understand where I am coming from for today's post.

I go back and forth about my little quilt business. When I am at work, I get discouraged. I read emails from folks wanting this or that, and the five days that I go to work, I just really do NOT have any time at all to devote to quilting. (Because I homeschool the little guy before/after work. ) So, I think I should just pull the plug on the thing and let it go...

Then a day off rolls around and I think, "Why? " I LOVE designing, I LOVE quilting. I have this big machine for cutting papers and engraving stuff.  We, as a family, need money. So why would I do something stupid like that? And for a day, I work on it. Then I put it away until another day off rolls around. (Typically one day off a week belongs to Stephen and our nature or roam school studies, and the other belongs to errands and trying to quilt or sell things or whatever I can squish into a day. This week the "other day" belongs to blogging. Before I am finished I will have written about 8 blog posts between mine and Stephen's blog. )

So, lemme tell you where the problems are and maybe you can help me figure something out.

I currently pay $30 a month for a website, and I don't need to be paying that. I like that I can just put the PDF designs out there and you can just click and buy and then they auto send them but, honestly, over 90% of the time no one sees it on the confirmation email anyway and I end up having to send it. So I might as well move over to some sort of platform where I just send them anyway.  I dont really want to do this but if it will save $30 a month, then this person needs to save in anyway she can.

Also, the designs are often 25 cents or less. Well the shopping cart platform I switched to since not everyone seemed to be able to use the old one charges a 30 cent fee plus a percentage per transaction. Um... ya. losing lots of money there.

So it's just ridiculous. I shut the website down for a week while I contemplated a solution, but in that weeks time, my son got Strep and probably Fifths disease (hes going to the doc today), my daughter had a formal wedding reception and I managed to get a double ear and sinus infection. So I didn't do much solution contemplationisms this last week.

I had a request to get the website back up and running, so I did. But I need a better solution. Help me out folks. Give me some easy, quick ideas. Because I don't make $30 a month on my business right now. Nope I don't. Not even close. So lets find me a free website or... I just don't even know.

Talk to me peeps...


  1. Facebook business page, with a paypal me button? Or do they take that transaction fee as well? Raise your price to cover the transaction fee? So, 25 cents plus the 30 cents for a final price of 55 cents?

  2. I would... start a Blogspot (Blogger platform) website - FREE with N ads. Upload pdf's to a FREE platform like Picasa, dropbox OR upload to blog but don't publish (make public) the page. Then let buyers send payment via PayPal,. Your prices are crazy low - create bundles ($5 or $5) & raise the price slightly. Good to go P/s - blogger is super easy to post!
    Hugz <3

  3. Use Craftsy. They do not charge any fees for listing patterns or for sales. No fees whatsoever. You can even place a button on your blog that will show you as a Craftsy designer so if people click on that button they will be directed to your Craftsy page.

    The only fees you would have would be fees from PayPal.

    Your prices are way too low.

  4. I would use craftsy, Im seriously considering that for my business too :)

  5. I think I would use Craftsy as well. That is, if I had any creative talent at all! I know several people that use Craftsy for their patterns.