Thursday, August 24, 2017

8 Shooters Clue 19: Small Town Charm

This was a crazy week! I don't know about you but I was right in the path of Totality, and that created craziness!  

The craziness was from ALL those out of town people coming into our little grocery store and buying it up. The lines were long and it lasted for DAYS!!!

So I never got to sew this week at all. Then I was rushing home from work tonight to at least get this posted, only to find out that tomorrow my husband has to be at KU at 7:30. Awesome. Didn't know that. I am going to get to bed about 1:30 am and have to be up at 6 am.

THEN tomorrow night there is a big sale at work. A six hour sale. Those usually bring people out in droves. I mean, seriously the grapes are 89 cents a pound. Who wouldn't want that?!
So it was going to be my day off, and now I am working overtime. Money is good. Grapes are good.
It's all good.

Except that on Saturday I am going to a sale to try to sell off all my business supplies. So I have to be up at 6 and gone after not getting home til midnight Friday night.
Then right after the sale I head straight to work. So I'll be gone that day from 6 am to midnight. Same as I'll be gone tomorrow from 6 am to midnight.

And I dont have another day off until next Tuesday.
And I gotta school the boy.
This is going to be one tired shooter.

And I am trying to get the new website up for those of you wanting the mystery PDF. I just don't know as it can happen this week. I just don't think it can. Because I wont be home hardly at ever at all, but I'll see how much I can do on the go. Maybe I can get it working via mobile tomorrow.
I might have to give up on the sale on Saturday. I just don't even know at this point.
Anyway let's get to the point.

Clue 19!

Let's work on our western town. 

Mine was just slapped down and the photo shot.
I didn't get to stitch it yet.
But you can stitch it up while I am all over The Wild West of Kansas City this week.
Use your 8 Shooter Set 3 and give it some buildings!
You will have 4 Western Towns to make.
Sort of like this but not just slapped down for a photo shoot.

I think it is rather awesome. Can't wait to sew mine.
See you in ten days for the next clue cuz I just cannot make it back to this one horse town any faster than that. 

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