Thursday, September 14, 2017

8 Shooters Clue 21: Shoot sharply

My ride is down! 

Well actually my ride is a super old Buick and its due to break down again. Thankfully it happened before I started the new job.  But yesterday I was tied up trying to get rides to work and trying to figure ways to drum up money for repairs so that I CAN start my new job here in a week and a half and FINALLY make some decent money.

Anyway, when the new job happens I'll get more time to sew.
(Take the current work schedule for instance... I'll be working 8 days straight... who can find time to sew in that??? my son will be so desperate for my attention by the time the 8th day rolls around! )
But its all good... the new job I'll work a set schedule and get real live days off. Like the same every week.
Anyway, all my rambling to say that I, again, didn't get to sew so you'll just have to take my unsewn lined up photos and do what you do.. make beauty!

First you need to get those two toned 8 Shooters... the last ones that you made.

Attach the little feather thingies to four sides, but
all the way around, dark to light and light to dark.
Well, not all the way around, just on four sides.
Do this four ALL FOUR of your last 8 shooters. 

Then attach one feather thingie to the half shooter.. again light to dark and dark to light. 

Take the half shooters and now attach single trapezoids to the sides as below.
Again, match light to dark and dark to light.
Do this for all 8 of your half shooters.

Finally we are going to do the same for your double shots.
Attach a trapezoid, matching light to the dark and a dark to the light.
Do this for all four of these double shots. 

This should be enough to keep you busy for two weeks.
I certainly will be busy for two weeks.
I am guess you know what these pieces will become in the final steps.
We are almost there folks. 

By the time we meet again (Wed the 27th I think), I will be at my new job!!
I can't wait to see what it is like! 

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

8 Shooters Clue 20: Studs

You know, since we are winding down and finishing up, getting ready to ride off into the sunset before long... it's time to fancy up a bit.

Are you all about bling?
If you were to have star-studded shoes, would you wear these? 

Or is this more to your taste? 

This hillbilly would never wear any star studded anything I am afraid. 
(I might put a star in the outhouse door). 

Ok so do you remember these half shooters?
You've got a pile of them.
16 in fact. 

And you've got a pile of these studs.

Not those kind of studs.
THESE kind of studs :
(I know they look more like triangles but just work with me here...) 

Now you can turn your half shooters into half star studded.. um... shooters?
So, yes... make all 16 of these star studded half shooters. 

I know I know...
All you can think about is riding off in the sunset with your stud... 

I'll just see you in a week.
I would say ten days but I totally messed that up last week and forgot the Saturday thing.
I blog this on Tuesday usually (my day off) and set it for Wednesday.
So let's just stick with next Wednesday.
See you then.