Wednesday, September 6, 2017

8 Shooters Clue 20: Studs

You know, since we are winding down and finishing up, getting ready to ride off into the sunset before long... it's time to fancy up a bit.

Are you all about bling?
If you were to have star-studded shoes, would you wear these? 

Or is this more to your taste? 

This hillbilly would never wear any star studded anything I am afraid. 
(I might put a star in the outhouse door). 

Ok so do you remember these half shooters?
You've got a pile of them.
16 in fact. 

And you've got a pile of these studs.

Not those kind of studs.
THESE kind of studs :
(I know they look more like triangles but just work with me here...) 

Now you can turn your half shooters into half star studded.. um... shooters?
So, yes... make all 16 of these star studded half shooters. 

I know I know...
All you can think about is riding off in the sunset with your stud... 

I'll just see you in a week.
I would say ten days but I totally messed that up last week and forgot the Saturday thing.
I blog this on Tuesday usually (my day off) and set it for Wednesday.
So let's just stick with next Wednesday.
See you then. 

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