Wednesday, September 27, 2017

8 Shooters Clue 22: SHOT DOWN!!!!



I goofed.
I cannot apologize for this enough, but it did fit the theme after all. I mean, injuries do happen and one has to be careful with guns!

When I started this mystery I had every intention of staying ahead of you, but I've given up on that and now I just take photos of the next step, without even sewing them out.
I started that new job and my husband is still on the sick side of life (in other words he's been downhill for the last few months), and I never sew. If I do its to pop a project into the embroidery machine and let it run while I get ready for work.

This has caused me to re-think everything and as soon as this mystery is done I am stepping away for awhile.
IN THE MEANTIME.. you are going to have to frog stitch (seam rip).
That is if you have caught up to where I am...which I wouldn't know because no one posts photos in the facebook group, so maybe you aren't even at this step yet.

Regardless, you have these half shooters out of your light and dark matching tonals:

You need to remove that middle triangle.

And instead place two triangles on the edges so that they look like little bat wings.
(Hey just trying to match the season here).

DO this with ALL of these two toned half shooters.
I am so sorry.. I don't know what I was thinking but obviously it wasn't good.
I'll change the page that this was first posted on to reflect the proper way to sew these.

Get along little doggies.
Don't hate me.


  1. No hate here. haven't cut or started which is why when you held the first contest to post I could only post my fabric choices and mirrored trial for fussy cutting. I was one of two who posted then. Been trying to get my studio organized as well as seeing enough of this mystery to feel good about all my fabric choices. Still on your side no matter what. Thanks, sorry life is still challenging, but you are amazing.

    1. and someday I'll have money to ship. we still cling to swimming barely above the water, but its held for you and it will surprise you someday. at least I'll be getting better paychecks soon.