Wednesday, October 4, 2017

8 Shooters 23: The Middle of the End!

I figured after the last blog post I owed you an awesome blog post.

So how about we put a little block together this week? 

Grab your 8 shooter and other SET ONE pieces and assemble it into this block.

This block will be in the very MIDDLE of your quilt.
I actually am in love with mine. 

Don't worry if it doesn't lay flat yet, or measure out to 12" perfectly yet.
As we remove papers and sew to others sections it will help alot.

We will be doing a lot more assembly now.
But I need something first from you.
In fact I need to hear from at least SOMEONE how far along you are before I blog the next post.

I will be honest.
It is discouraging to put all this time into this (even if I am behind in sewing I put TONS of time into the design itself) , only to NOT hear A THING from those sewing along.

So, you give to me and I'll give to you.
I see no point in posting another clue if I am the only one sewing along.

Sorry, I know those are a bit of stern words but I've been begging WEEKLY.
If you don't know how to take a photo and post it on the fb group then reply here in the comments.
Just talk to me.
Or something.

No more clues until you do.
Thanks for understanding.

(This would be why the mysteries will discontinue for at least six months while I decide if they are worth putting the work into them.) 

Signed... the discouraged Ms Hillbilly.
I KNOW this has drug out a long time, but it's hand sewing folks. It takes a long time.


  1. Hi Tonya, I don't have a smart phone or a camera so I am unable to post pictures. I used the link provided on your facebook page and I have now been able to order the papers for this mystery. I look forward to every post.

  2. you know I didn't join this time, QALs are tricky.. more may join later. from my experience, I made everything kind of ahead of time and posted once a week, or month and just wait and see what happens, since I schedule them ahead of time, I wasn't in a rush to get something done....of course that's pieced blocks on the machine, but still my QAL quilt this year has 48 blocks and I finished my quilt over a month ago and scheduled everything ahead, I just need to quilt it and I'm done! and it's only the last 2 months that LOTS of people have joined, from January it was only a few people, now I don't know how many as some take breaks and come back and do a bunch, maybe 10 or so...Don't be discouraged, you love what you do! (I'm already planning a 2018 QAL)

  3. HI Tanya. I am new to your site. I have been following your mystery. Love what I have seen. When I found your qal I was in the middle of two EPP projects. EPP party and a potc quilt. I would love to someday do this project but work full time. EPP party still has a month to go just to finish the top. Sorry you are feeling discouraged, hope you at least finish the directions for this one, so that when my projects are under control. I could order it.

  4. not caught up yet but trying thanks for posting your beautiful center-so inspiring!