Monday, October 16, 2017

New Tricks up my sleeve

Do you have an embroidery machine?
I was gifted one for Mother's Day and it is my new baby that I love so much.
I've not even sewn one filled embroidery pattern on it yet.
That's not what I wanted the machine for, it's not my thing at all.

What I use it for is something called In The Hoop (ITH) designs.

These are often quilt patterns, or purses, or stuffed toys, that are sewn completely in the hoop. It makes it much easier, and faster. You don't measure and you cut after it's sewn.

Here are a couple of bags that I made in the embroidery machine, as well as a runner:

When I quit my job at the grocery store, it wasn't without knowing that I need to supplement my income. My work will come to times when they cut us down to 24 hours a week. And when that happens, I still need to pay the bills.

I started a new Facebook page called, "Old Mom, New Tricks." 

I'll be selling mainly children's educational toys and imagination builders.
Two different ladies believed in my concept so much, and knew that it would be a great way to help out my family that they stepped up to help me get started. One bought $60 in mask patterns for me!!
The other is purchasing me some supplies.

This was my answer. Then I knew I was doing the right thing.

I cannot wait to start making toys.
Here are a few items that I've made so far...with many more to come: 

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  1. I see you like embroidery garden! I love their eyeglass holders (cat,dog and owl) they do GREAT at craft shows!! I've made their owl zippered purses too which are fun! and many other things! have fun! glad to see you back in blogger world