Friday, January 12, 2018

8 Shooters clue 25: set Three

Normally I like to stay all in story line when typing my clues but I am sick with a stupid cold again, Jerry is not doing the best and I just need to get it posted for you.

Now before I post, YES, I did use blocks that are commonly used quilt blocks. I specifically wanted to show people not to be afraid to repeat in the EPP world what quilters use in the non EPP world. EPP gives us the ease of portability and the beauty of fussy cutting that isn't quite as easy on a machine. So when you see today's clue, I am sure you guessed what it is already.

BUT, we are only up to half of the quilt. I will post  the next clue on the 24th. (I am so proud of myself and have the photos ready to pre post it so it will be on time .) And the upcoming blocks are simple but really my favorite (today's is a close second though). I just love the fussy cutting in this quilt and your 8 shooters will be amazing!

Anyway, with set three of your shooter pieces you are going to make this block. You will make four blocks total. Note the outer triangles are in your DARK background (which is all you should have left after the other blocks are finished. ) Please excuse the wonky look of my block. I was in bed, the house was dark, stephen was next to me and I just shot the photo standing it up against my little sewing box and turning a light on it. So it looks all wonky but you got the post and that is all that matters at this point!

Despite the bad photo, I do think it looks rather cool, don't you?

As always, thank you for your patience as I deal with our roller coaster life at home. 


  1. You're right it does look cool. Nice job. I am anxious to start mine. Have to wait until the new desk chair mat is relaxed enough to get off my cutting table. Soon... Thanks for posting.

  2. I just found your blog after wondering if there has ever been an EPP mystery. I see all the hard workbyou have put into these, and now I want to do them ALL! Praise the Lord for your family being together, God is Good!