Wednesday, January 24, 2018

8 Shooters Clue 26: The final glue

How are your shooters coming along?
Lets see them!
Even if you are reading this five years down the road..just following along,
post them in the facebook group because we want to see them!

Today we come to "The FINAL GLUE" episode.
We have been saving our final matching tonals all this time.
Here are mine (be still my heart, I love them, they are my favorite fabric of this entire quilt): 

The reason we have saved this for so long is because it was a tough one for me to show you.
I couldn't afford to get the amount of repeats that I wanted so I had to be creative in my fussy cut and I found that it might be hard for you to 

OR if it is too confusing, SAVE IT until you see the final...that way you will make sure your fussy cutting works out the best for you.
I have seen many a mystery, and time and again I've seen people get all upset about the unknown.
The unknown is ALWAYS scary. You have to just trust.
This could be a sermon about so many things in life.
But's just a quilt mystery. Enjoy the unknown and take it as a lesson in faith. 
Ok, here we go, THE FINAL GLUE. 

You need 36 diamonds cut from both the light and the dark tonal, and if you are fussy cutting they need to match each other to the exact same fussy cut.
If you are not fussy cutting, then life just got easier for you as you will just cut 36 from the light and 36 from the dark and not stress over the fussy.

I like to stress the fussy.
It would be amazing if you had enough fabric to make all 36 fussy cut diamonds the exact same.
This would be the dream.
But not all of us can manage that.
SO... next best scenario would be if you could have 24 matching cuts, then 12 of a different matching cut to make a total of 36. If you can swing this, then please do.
I could not.
I had to make three sets of 12. This is not ideal but it will work and still look wonderful. 
Mine look like this:

I am going to name them sets A, B, and C. 
Set C is the set that will not be sewn next to each other, so I chose them to be these.
Set C just needs to be glue up, set aside and ready for later.  If you were able to make 24 of the same and 12 of another set C is your set of 12 different ones. 

Now for sets A and B I had to figure out which fussy cut I wanted to use. It's always so hard to decide!
You will be sewing a light one and a dark one together, light one always on the left if the points are together.
(Illustration photo at the bottom of the post).
First I had me a play to see what I liked. 

 For this one, did I like the dark part at the outside ends, or at the middle? 

 For this one, do I like the wild diamond like part outside or at the middle? 

Here is what I ended up with.
Here are my sets A, B, and C.
Sets A and B are sewn together into double shooters with the lighter color ALWAYS on the left.  Set C is just left alone for now. 

If you have all 24 of these sewn up, then you have just prepared the very last of your double shooters.
Your final glue is done.
Time to start rounding things up...
See you in two weeks.

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