Center of Attention Mystahhhry

A NEW Mystahhhry Starts APRIL 1st, 2016!!

As before, each step will be blogged right here on the this blog, then each step's links will be posted here for you to easily click back and find.

You can find the papers available RIGHT HERE. 
If you would rather just cut your own they will be available as a PDF the last couple of days in March. The PDF will be posted in the Mystahhhhry Along with Hillbilly Facebook Group.


The first post explaining the mystery and fabric requirements can be found HERE

It's April 1 and we've begun! JOIN US HERE for your first clue. 

Ready to stitch in clue number 2. 

Back to basting in clue 3.

There was a bit of confusion on clue 4 found HERE, so later the same evening I gave you CLUE 5 found right HERE.

Clue 6 was solved before it was posted. Do you think you can solve it too? FIND IT HERE.

Finally here is our SOLVED case and some sample quilts. FIND THEM HERE

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