Shindig Mystahhhhry

Welcome to the Shindig Mystahhhhry! The name came about because my sample quilt that I made to test the design seemed to make the pieces just 'dance' so I named that quilt "Shindig at the Bottom of the Deep Blue Sea". Well, when I decided to release this quilt as a mystery, I decided the name should be "Shindig" and I will teach all of you how to make your quilt 'dance'.

The specifications:

The EPP portion of this pattern finishes 62.5" from point to point. You will be making it a bit larger than this. You can add even more to make it larger than that. I cannot reveal anymore until the pattern is done or the mystery would be ruined.

There is a smaller version called "The First Dance".  This portion of the quilt is just a small part of the larger portion. It won't have the dynamic impact of the large quilt, but it would make a neat little project.

The full Shindig pattern is made up of 12 each of 6" diamonds, 84 each of 3" triangles and 42 each of the Ahhhh called "Grandpa's Socks". The smaller "First dance" is made up of 6 each of 6" diamonds, 24 each of 3" triangles and 12 each of Grandpa's socks. (obviously making it much smaller than its counterpart. )

You can purchase the papers for the FULL Shindig pattern here. 

You can purchase the papers for the smaller FIRST DANCE Shindig pattern here.

If you want to make your own papers there are files for each in the Mystahhhry along with Hillbilly Facebook group. 


This is a MYSTERY.  You will have NO idea what you are making until I release each step. And actually, you will think you but you might know it, but you actually might not.  Ha!
Therefore, first and foremost, you will need PATIENCE. Almost all questions will be answered as I release more details. It's all part of the suspense! We are going to become regular Agatha Christie's.

You will need to LISTEN/ WATCH/ READ CAREFULLY. The two designs will start out the same, but if you are doing "the first dance" only then there is a design element change that will occur. You will need to make sure you are following directions for whichever size you intend to complete.


This page will be updated below. Any YouTube posts or blog posts will be added to this page as I complete them. This will be the GO TO page to find out all the info for the Mystahhhhry. If you are starting at a later date, no problem as the details will all be right here.

You will be given step by step instructions, so do not begin sewing until I give the go ahead. You might have a pile of Grandpa socks in front of you (and those ordering the pieces from me just have them bulk packaged), but you cannot sew them up as they will have VERY SPECIFIC sewing instructions in order for the mystery quilt to come out correctly.


Fabric requirements:

You will need to start off with a focus fabric that you can get 12 repeats from for your 6" diamonds. (Or 6 repeats if only doing The First Dance).
Click HERE to go to a YouTube video that explains this more. 

The next fabric you will want to choose is your setting fabric..which is the fabric for the 3" triangles.
You can read about that fabric requirement right here. 

After picking your focus fabric and your setting fabric, you need to choose your small diamond fussy cut fabric.
You can read about fabric requirements for those here: 

Next we need an element of 'pop'.
 Read about that here. 

And FINALLY the last of our fabric selection is just some middle of the road solids.
You can go here to read all about it. 



Clues One and Two are posted . Just click Here! 

Click HERE to see Clues 3 and 4! 

High Five here is Clue 5!!

Clue Six

Catch up with clue 7 and get the hint to clue 8! 

At this point, our mystery divides as we send the First Dance people to go finish up and the FULL shindig folks to twirl around again for a new number.

FIRST DANCE folks finish up by clicking here

FULL SHINDIG folks go for another spin by clicking here.


CLUE ELEVEN : more socks




You should be able to figure it out from here. I am watching the group to see who posts a finish first. Once they do I'll post a photo of the finish.

And some final pointers now that people have solved this fun mystery! 

Saying goodbye to this mystery. 


  1. It's great having everything in one place. Will we be able to post pics of our progress here and ask for Help?

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