Space Journey

This page includes all the blog posts related to the Space Journey EPP mystery. This page also includes links to other important information regarding our journey! While working on the mystery, this page will be "pinned" in the Epp Mystery with Hillbilly Facebook Group so that you can easily click and find what you need.

This is the first post, and where our journey begins:

Fabric requirements are different than normal mysteries. Begin here:

The rest of the fabric requirements are in this post:

And now we begin sewing! Of course, stars come first!

No journey would be complete without meteroids!

Did you know there are lots of rocks that fly around in space? Let's sew some!

What goes with hexagons? Triangles of course, I mean diamonds:

What is a space mystery without some shooting stars?

Oh it is getting excited now, wing fighters!!

We can't have star fighters without enemy ships:

Do you like constellations? We need to add some to our night sky!

Time to buddy up some fighters!

Lets make a space station:

Super Nova!

Space Rovers are a must:

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